February 20, 2020
Dennis L. Martire

During his approximately 30-year career with the Laborers’ International Union of North America, Dennis L. Martire has discovered a variety of successes -- not only for himself on a professional level, but ones that immensely benefited thousands of workers in their own career goals.

Martire, who currently serves as vice president and regional manager for the mid-Atlantic region, worked within Montgomery County, Maryland, to improve fair wage laws for those working and residing here. He helped working families in this area gain this necessary step forward toward improving their lives and discovering increased returns on their public investments. Additionally, Martire helped to lead the implementation of a new union specific to those workers on the Fluor-Lane expansion of Route 495’s Hot Lanes Project. With guidance from Martire, these workers voted considerably in favor of joining the area’s LIUNA Local 11 chapter in Virginia. This was one of the largest union victories for Martire as well as the state’s construction industry.